Fast forward 20 years when you’re having one of those “remember when …. ” conversations with the generation whose just coming into the world now.  They will indeed think we’re nuts for saying when I was young I used a 100watt bulb to light up a room!

With the supply of old school light bulbs being depleted across store shelves we find ourselves entirely confused with what version of LED equates to 100W and so forth.  If you suffer from light bulb confusion here’s the scoop

Standard Watt to LED Wattage

Recap and memorize:

  • 25 W = 4W LED
  • 40 W = 6W LED
  • 60W = 10W LED
  • 75W = 13W LED
  • 100W = 18W LED

4 to 18 … the weirdest arrangement of numbers ever right?!  No comment