The Leading Online Distribution Tool

It’s no secret that consumers and their designers take pride in where their furnishings were made and by whom.  The last thing anyone wants is a house that looks like Pottery Barn.  That being said people are time-starved and no longer have the luxury of scurrying around town from one store to the next, biding their time and tongues in traffic!  They’ve turned to the web to do their research, and let’s be honest, they’ve probably been trying to execute their decor project for at least six months and can’t get to the end.  While this group is generally comprised of corporate bachelors logging 80+ hours a week, or young moms whose trips to the store were cut short thanks to uncooperative kids and sticky hands, it’s just as likely to be you – or was at some point in the not so distant past!

They arrive on our site at some point between first hurdle and final straw.  They want the best, and have the dollars to burn.  They’re looking for third party validation so we pair them with a free Stylist, who plays the role of personal shopper meets designer.  They guide them through the decision and buying process via our signature Style File product, which is powered by a curated furniture database of 400+ lines that allows a Stylist to pull complementary pieces together across a wide variety of manufacturer lines, and according to the user’s style and budget.

Having the data in house greatly expedites the time it takes to get them to the end goal – a good looking room; and for vendors – an order!   With product, marketing and shipping data at our fingertips and better yet in an electronic format, we can greatly shorten the buying cycle between manufacturers and end users, be it a consumer or designer.  Consumers get a good looking room without the nuisance; vendors get more sales!  The best part of the online database however is our ability to track all the activity in it. Imagine being able to know which designers browsed your line, recommended it to clients and with what other products, or what your top competition is.

After four years in the making, we’re ready to onboard manufacturers.  It’s, however, important to note that while our online distribution tool may operate like an ecommerce site in the back end, there are some major differences that work with most vendor distribution channels.  They are:

  1. Users register and engage with a Stylist before accessing any pricing
  2. We manage the fulfillment – all of it.  We do the paperwork, pick up at your warehouse, cross borders and white glove it into residences in the most remote of areas if need be
  3. We round up all the data you can provide and load it into our platform for you
  4. We pay by credit card or bank wire instead of seeking credit

If you have great products; online tools; an awesome team; are quick on the email; and most importantly, have  a desire to take your distribution into the 21st century, we want to talk to you!   Check out the specifics of how it works here.


Kelly Siggy Vendors

Founder & CEO