February 2015

Saturday Style News – 02.21.15

By |February 21st, 2015|

Hot off the press in the furniture world this week.


Pinterest is valued at $11 BILLION dollars, that’s double what it was worth last year.  Word is they are also adding a “BUY” button so you don’t have to leave to shop in the near future. Are you on Pinterest yet?  Follow us.


Cynthia Rowley

When news broke of Hooker Furniture nabbing Cynthia Rowley for a new line of furnishings we went bananas!  Huge fans of her fashion (no seriously, have you ever […]

5 Ways to Shop for Furniture That Will Save You Money

By |February 20th, 2015|

Let’s be honest; furniture is expensive and renovating anything always costs more than they said it would. If we had a dollar every time we heard I want the look of this room, but want to save money doing just that, we would be bazillionaires! Here are our top five tips:

1. Shop Online. What most people don’t understand is that retail stores have overhead (namely rent and staff) that they have to factor into their prices. Everyone who sells product pays some sort of shipping fees, but by shopping online you generally run into one of […]

Four Secrets to Buying Furniture Without Actually Going Into a Store

By |February 19th, 2015|

1.Find a picture of something similar in a room. Honestly, Houzz is the best place. Designers and architects takes the guess work out of what goes with what. It’s like paint by numbers. If you’re looking for a blue and white chair type just that into the search and then bookmark the link, add it to your favourites etc. When you’re not standing in a store physically the fastest and simplest thing to do is say I’ll send you a picture of exactly what I mean to anyone who is helping you. As the saying goes a picture is […]

A Headboard With Oars? #WackyWednesday

By |February 18th, 2015|

We passed this in our travels the other day and burst out laughing.  It’s 100% original and absolutely fulfills nautical, cottage and original decorating themes but we’re left wondering …really?!

Available in two versions  – the fancier marina version with its vintage hand-painted ‘number’ graphics on the oars or the nautical distressed and stained decorative paddles.


While we’re certainly not debating the quality we have to question the practicality….you know the bed moves; one paddle breaks type thing. Yet, then we’re thinking totally unique and pretty darn cool – if it were the right environment of course (cottage, lake […]

Travel Tuesday: Mardi Gras

By |February 17th, 2015|

We’re kicking off our #traveltuesday series with more of themed look; that’s right, today is Mardi Gras and with that we couldn’t help but share some of the great decor that we spotted on homes in New Orleans.

We love the uniformity of this apartment / building.  Isn’t it always about the gorgeous floral?


And for those who don’t want wayward visitors apres dark – this face is sure to scare the pants off just about anyone!

10 Musts For Successful Furniture Delivery

By |February 17th, 2015|

It constantly amazes me how many people order furniture online then don’t use common sense when having it delivered. Being an online shopping expert specializing in all things big, bulky and heavy, here are 10 things you absolutely want to do to save yourself serious time and hassle the next time you need a new sofa, chair or table.

Before the Driver Arrives

10. You will need something to open the packaging; have it ready at the front door as you will not have time to locate it during delivery.

9. Make sure your phone/camera […]

Seven Trade Secrets to Buying Furniture Online

By |February 16th, 2015|

It doesn’t matter whether you are an empty nester always on the go, at home with young kids, or logging crazy hours at the office, there are never enough hours in a normal day!

Despite your lack of time, you just can not deal with the state of your room anymore and are determined to find a new dining table, a chair, and a fixture for the bathroom. You head to the nearest store with the best of intentions and after they don’t have what you want, go to the next one, but its closed, so you will go back tomorrow, […]

Makeover Monday

By |February 16th, 2015|

If you have been on the site before you’ll notice we’re undoing a serious makeover, and we are so excited to hear your feedback once we get to the other side.  It’s jammed pack with better search abilities, new features and relevant content.  We encourage you to come back often but highly recommend that you register to become an RS Insider so that we can communicate these changes to you.

Rather than remove functionality for you in the process we will roll out changes over the month of February; please bear with us while this transition takes place.

Why Is There No “Fashion Week” for Decor Junkies?

By |February 14th, 2015|

Fashion Week conjures up thoughts of bright lights and big cities like New York and Milan, and how apropos. It never matters what I’m wearing when I hop off a flight to LaGuardia or Newark; I continually feel like I need to step up my wardrobe game. Funny, when I show up at the furniture equivalent, called Market, the only thing I’m left wondering is: why here?!

Yes, for one week each spring and fall, buyers from retail stores, designers, editors, bloggers, and every executive, sales rep and marketing person at a furniture company convene in the thriving metropolis of 

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