Are you planning to decorate your home and want to stay within a budget? Our Home Decor Budget Calculator is here to help you plan your home decoration expenses and ensure you stay on track with your budget. Here’s how to use it:

Your Budget (USD):

  • Start by entering your total budget for your home decoration project in US dollars. This is the amount you’re willing to spend on all the items and changes you plan to make in your home.

Expense Items:

  • Under the “Expense Items” section, you can add individual items or expenses that you anticipate in your project. Each expense item includes two fields:
    • Item Name: Enter the name or description of the expense item.
    • Cost: Enter the estimated cost of that item.
  • Click the “Add Expense Item” button after filling in the details for each item. The calculator will keep a record of your expense items.

Added Items:

  • As you add expense items, they will be listed under the “Added Items” section. This list helps you keep track of all the items you plan to include in your decoration project.


  • Once you’ve entered your budget and all your expense items, click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will do the math for you.

Budget Summary:

  • The “Budget Summary” section will provide you with the following information:
    • Total Budget: This is the initial budget amount you entered.
    • Total Expenses: The total cost of all the expense items you added.
    • Remaining Budget: The budget you have left after considering your expenses.

Budget Monitoring:

  • The calculator helps you keep a close eye on your budget. If you ever exceed your initial budget, you’ll know immediately, helping you make adjustments or prioritize your expenses.

Modify or Add Items:

  • You can continue to modify or add expense items as your project progresses. Just update the “Item Name” and “Cost,” and the calculator will recalculate your budget.

Save and Share:

  • You can manually save your budget details or take a screenshot of the calculator to keep a record of your home decoration project. You can also share it with friends or family members who are helping you with your project.

Stay on Budget:

  • By using this Home Decor Budget Calculator, you can keep a tight rein on your expenses and ensure that your home decoration project is within your planned budget.

Enjoy decorating your home within your budget using our Home Decor Budget Calculator! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy decorating!

Home Decor Budget Calculator

Home Decor Budget Calculator

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