We are a driven team and we only recruit and retain people who share the same values and incredible excitement about creating something special. We’re a dynamic start up seeking the right people.  If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, the appropriate skills and are passionate about the concept, we’re all ears.

  • Join our company if you think you’ll learn from being here. We think you will.
  • Join if you think your career will progress because you’ll be given more responsibilities than elsewhere.
  • Join because you know you’ll be earning less than you could elsewhere at some meaningless job watching the clock. You can always earn more. But join here if you want to grow.
  • Join because you like the culture. You think you’ll have fun. You’ll consider your colleagues close friends.
  • Join because in three year’s time when you look at this job and this company on your resume you’ll feel proud and it will be part of how you got where you were going.
  • Join because as we grow our ability to reward you will grow and your income will grow with our success that you contributed to.

We are Currently Seeking the Following:

  1. Stylists –
  2. Content Writer
  3. Marketing Interns (Summer and Fall Terms)

Send your CV to cv@remotestylist.com