Are you totally overwhelmed or frustrated because you can’t find the item from “that photo”, it’s way out of your budget or it can’t be delivered to your location?   

We are product sourcing experts who take the nuisance out of shopping for furniture/decor for consumers, designers and builders.  Become an RS Insider to connect with a Stylist who will help expedite your mission.

Become an RS Insider

There is no subscription fee, nor do we charge by the hour; it’s FREE to become an RS Insider and have your very own Stylist.  The only thing you’ll ever pay for is the furniture or decor, should you decide to make a purchase.

Why Become an Insider?

  • To get inspired to do something about your space. We assume you are time-starved and despite your best intentions things like awesome weather, work getting busy, kids getting sick and the always unexpected repair bill will prolong your pipe dream, but if you don’t browse before you shop how on earth will you make a good decision?  By being on the INSIDE you’ll know whats hot and whats not so when you’re ready jump to action your armed with ideas.

  • Get exposed to brands. Whether this is your first foray into decorating or not, the furnishings landscape is continually shifting, players coming and going and quality forever changing.  By being on the INSIDE we’ll introduce you to everyone from the likes of Kia to Porsche so you know exactly who to turn to for ‘that’. 

  • Wait, you didn’t win the lotto this week but still want to have a gorgeous space?!   Funny your Stylist didn’t either but understands cashflow like no other.  Bombarded by beautiful product each and every day s/he knows all about priorities and budgets.  By being on the INSIDE you’ll learn trade secrets on how the pro’s continually keep the ball in motion en route to a great space.

  • Overwhelmed by options?  From wanting the lamp in that picture to trying to figure out which fabric would look best on this chair, they sure don’t make it easy do they?!  By being on the INSIDE you can outsource your ‘need to find’ missions to your Stylist and they’ll source and shortlist the best options for you, and even send more photos and samples should you need them to make a decision.

  • Deciding which products are right for your space is only half the battle when it comes to a great space. There’s nothing worse then ending up with a 300 lb sofa on your door only to realize that it doesn’t fit up the stairs!  By being on the INSIDE your Stylist will arm you with everything you need to make sure its smooth sailing come delivery.

With access to 350+ brands, $1 shipping duties included to doors in Canada/USA and free Stylist help you’ll save yourself countless headaches.  Step in and start to experience this stress-free path to a great space.

Become an RS Insider


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