Shift Option Re-do

We were delighted to find that we'd made the cover of Canada's National Post Homes newspaper last weekend but saddened to learn that they don't publish every story online :( Seems entirely bizarre when all you hear is the dying newspaper saga and a whole lot disappointing for an online play but alas we finally snagged a paper copy of this lovely feature written by home style [...]

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Not Bleak Around Here

Some days you just need more color in your life - and with the grey, flat light, day around here today is no exception so we're throwing back to Altanta last spring.  A french chateau designed by renowned architect William T. Baker was overhauled by 28 design savvy teams for the annual Atlanta Symphony's Decorators Show House fundraiser and we're still drooling over the "Gentleman's Library." With design firm Parker Kennedy, whose known [...]

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Beauty & the Beet

NEW Beet... Robert Allen just launched these incredible collection of color & pattern and we're nothing short of madly in love - all available through Remote Stylist.  Spot something you love, have a Stylist send you a free swatch to see it in your space. Click the image below to see all. This Winter Immerse Yourself in Drenched Color Flaunting one of the most brilliant [...]

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Four Ways to Correctly Pick Someone’s Brain

To a more productive 2016! Here here ...this is a brilliant repost from the talented and always straight to the point Peter Shankman. Props on this AMAZINGLY useful reminder ...we're ALL time starved!! Nothing is more annoying, perhaps in the entire world, than the expression "can I pick your brain." The expression itself is creepy. "Can I stick my finger into the gooey bowl of tapioca [...]

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One Brooklyn Design Duo & A Railroad Floorplan. Who Wins?

We kick off the new year in Brooklyn with sisters Erica and Amanda Riha who are designers at separate firms but a more newly minted team at online design site Homepolish.We're always inspired with city or close-to reno's because you know you're going to be served some sort of quirky and tight space in comparison to the rest of the country; point being it requires more [...]

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16 Trends That Will Rock Your Room Design for 2016

Happy New Year! No one likes being 2015 now that the ball has dropped.  These 16 trends will be ever present as we roll through the next 365 in homes from coast to coast. Craftsmanship Fashion Inspired Speciality Materials Florals Simple Yet Glamourous A Love of Wood White & Gold Metal Geometry Retro Flashbacks Handmade Organics Classics Whismy Plexiperfect Art of the Hand Pretty No better [...]

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3 Reasons We Love Pantone’s Color for 2016

And here they are ... Rose Quartz & Serenity, Pantone's colors for 2016.  Hate or love them, might we point out that this blend is a first.  Watch out, Pantone's getting crazy picking two options!! Word is they are supposed to make us feel more secure and reassured, or restore order and peace. After 2015's crazy outbursts of completely unnecessary violence world wide we commend [...]

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Top 3 Makeovers of 2015

So if you're anything like us you're practically obsessed with seeing how other people live right?! GUILTY. It's one of our favorite past times and while we don't have enough hours in the day to cruise open houses we do our fair share of online peeking ... which was why we started our Makeover Monday series in 2015.   We're thrilled to report it will [...]

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Need A Last Minute Gift Idea for An Entrepreneur? 13 Great Options

With hours til go til the clock strikes Christmas the internet is your saving grace, and if you know an entrepreneur, small business person, etc skip the mall and give a month or year of these amazing services that will help them grow their business in 2016 and beyond. Do they send email newsletters? Hands down the most awesome email newsletter service. Click here to [...]

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Queue the Wrapping Frenzy, But Do It In Style

There is nothing I love more than seeing pressies under the tree - but its quality not quantity that sets the scene.  And no, I'm not talking about box contents whatsoever rather the actual wrapping job.  My own brother arrived last night and questioned whether I'd put one item per box just so I could wrap more.  #GUILTY Reminds me of a conversation I shared [...]

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An Old Fashioned Victorian Christmas, Halifax Style

In the spirit of the holidays we wanted to share the Homes from the Holiday Halifax tour that one of our Halifax, Nova Scotia Stylists, Michele Muir, who also runs a paint shop Hue Design Studio, participated in. A fundraiser for the Junior League of Halifax, the event brings together local designers and decorators, league members, volunteers and retailers to decorate and showcase three beautiful [...]

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3 Awesome Hostess Gifts For Winter Holiday Parties

Booze is the easy way out; stock pile your cupboards with these 3 awesome gift ideas and sail through your winter event plans with full marks, no matter how last minute that invite is! #1  I mean...enough said!  They'll think of you every single time they light these adorable candles. With so many fabulous options to choose from, order a box and split them as [...]

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What Every Small Dog Owner Should be Buying For Christmas

If it made the cut for Oprah it makes the cut for us ... besides after Bleeks, our resident shitzu-lhasa mix, blew out his back knee on the ice last winter anything that calls for less jumping keeps our bank accounts happy! I mean adorable right ... available in 2 colors now and the charcoal come March its brilliant for the couch, bed, heck even [...]

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Who Spends More Than $200 on Christmas Gifts?

Not us!  Here are great options that will keep your budget in check through 2016 Order by Friday, Dec 18th to make the Christmas cutoff.  $1 shipping duties included to Canada/USA.

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12 Days of #kellyapproved Xmas – Day 12

Did you really think I wouldn't tell you one LAST time that i'm ALPACA obsessed. The orders have been flying off the shelves but there's plenty more. No really, read why here I don’t know one person who doesn’t love to kick back and chill out on the couch and wrap themselves up in a cozy blanket or throw. It not only blows cashmere out [...]

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12 Days of #kellyapproved Xmas – Day 11

Ok I seriously can't get enough ... everyone needs salt and pepper and these are way too fun and guaranteed to get the table talking, male, female, young or old!  I loved the fact they were white (not only b/c that's a color of the year but goes with EVERYTHING).  Problem is I couldn't decide which I loved more Les Elephant... L'Eggs Adorable right?! Miss [...]

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12 Days of #kellyapproved Xmas – Day 10

MADLY in love with these outdoor beauties ... not only is the designer Canadian (go Canada) but they are STUNNING and I'm now counting the minutes til I can hang outdoors again ...despite the fact its unseasonally warm today! These oversized glass orbs create a magical glow when lit with a votive candle. Stake them along a pathway to create a romantic walkway or in [...]

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12 Days of #kellyapproved Xmas – Day 9

If you know me 'at home' you know you'll find me in a housecoat at the most random hours; something about hanging on a door versus hunting through the closet for a sweatshirt gives it easier access status, not to mention it's more portable than a blanket and has a pocket for my phone (I know pathetic, pathetic but I bet once you put one [...]

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12 Days of #kellyapproved Xmas – Day 8

You can't go wrong with scuptural objects for 2016, and these ones have a purpose too ... who doesn't love the glow of a candle?! Pretty by day, or by night ...  Audrey is available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large). ....and really beautiful, lit or not. Missed Day 7?  Continue to Day 9

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12 Days of #kellyapproved Xmas – Day 7

The world of home decor has turned to the zoo lately ... in all shapes and sizes.  I spotted these (again at market) and fell in love. Any which way you pair them up I'm obsessed with their bronze sparkle or shine! Atop a stack of books, on a desk, in a kids room or an entry console these timeless beauties are so adorable, in stock and can ship [...]

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