It started with a trip to an infamous car dealership where my service bill, for something so routine, was outrageous. I complained, got bumped to the manager…then the owner, whom I badgered so much that he finally admitted he needed to pay the rent somehow. I never went back! That experience caused me to question everything else I was purchasing; clothes and then furniture. Add in a dual-existence between Canada and the US and factors like shipping, duties and taxes… the Canadian in me refused to shop North of the 49th.

Now don’t get me wrong; I love and respect a well-thought-out, beautiful, usefully designed product but once you peel back the layers, you soon realize that the product designer or manufacturer demands a fair price. The markup is at the retail level, due to things like physical retail space, inventory, sales staff, etc. And really, how many times have you been confronted with a completely unhelpful sales person?!  Talk about catch 22.  Stores are warehouses for product and more often than not the front line sales staff have no idea where the product comes from, its history, who made it or what its really worth. will go to the source, get the back story whenever possible, and ship to you the piece of your choice, at a reasonable cost.

At our mission is to make it easier and cheaper for anyone anywhere (consumers or designers) to access and own fabulous furniture!  In our opinion, a good looking room is defined by your love for each and every piece.  Layer on story after story, piece after piece and make it your own.