How to fix levolor push button blinds

How to fix levolor push button blinds

How to fix levolor push button blinds

The tendency of cord-operated blinds to become worn out over time is an unpleasant issue. The mechanisms corrode or become clogged with dirt, the cords become stiff, and the entire system eventually quits working. Therefore, you ask yourself how to fix levolor push button blinds.

Because of this, more people opt for cordless push-button blinds run by a little motor that raises or lowers the shade. Because there are no dangling cords for kids or pets to tangle in, they are more reliable and safer for both.

If you face an issue with your push-button blinds, here are some pointers to assist you in getting your levelor push-button blinds working again.

Restart the Spring Mechanisms

You may leave your blinds in the same setting for an extended time in specific rooms or at particular times of the year. But when you try to move them, they no longer move. Given that you are unaware of its mechanisms, this may be puzzling.

The inactive state of the spring mechanisms is the most plausible explanation in this situation. They merely need to be awakened; they are not broken.

If your blinds don’t rise, try lowering one of them as far as it will go first. It will assist in reactivating the springs. You should have no trouble raising them back once you’ve brought them down. Draw already lowered blinds as far as they can be toward you at a 45-degree angle, then slowly lower them back down. Also helpful are a couple of gentle tugs.

Most of the time, this will resolve the issue, but if not, move on to the following advice.

Correct Uneven Shades

Your blinds could occasionally feel a touch unbalanced when you try to lift them. The most common cause of this is that you did not place blinds in proper alignment. Another possibility is that the cordless blinds have become distorted with time.

You’ll have to realign them to make this right. Fortunately, this method is relatively simple if you have a steady hand.

Please do not attempt to straighten the blinds by pulling on the uneven side; however, how tempting it may be to do so. They’ll get even worse off because of you. It would be best if you instead grasped the center of the window covering and quickly pulled it up.

Check out the friction clips.

There is an internal system that aids in rebounding a Push Button Blind. As you raise and lower the blinds, friction clips create friction against the rope.

If your friction clips aren’t functioning correctly, your push button blinds may not close. The blinds may occasionally need to move again after you remove a few of these clips.

Locate the clips by removing the headrail and doing so. You should be able to get it working again after removing one clip, but if you still need to, you should remove another. When the blinds can function, keep doing this.

Get rid of the steel rods.

If you’ve tried the solutions above and your blinds still refuse to close, it’s conceivable that the steel rods at the bottom of the blinds aren’t functioning correctly.

These rods serve to hold the blinds in position when you lower them. However, you can do it securely and without inflicting any harm if necessary.

To accomplish this, take the end caps off, slide one of the rods out, and then put them back on. Check to see if they function correctly. If not, do the same with the other rod and do another test.

Reach out to the manufacturer.

Naturally, if you need a different solution than those above, sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source. You want to avoid taking the chance of overplaying with them and possibly doing more damage.

Due to their expertise in their products, manufacturers are well-equipped to deal with any issues that may emerge. If the problem is more serious, they can assist you in getting a new set of cordless blinds. Ideally, they will provide you with a straightforward solution.

Final Words

As you can see, fixing a broken blind doesn’t always require a trip to the hardware shop. You can also do it at home. When everything else fails, you may always get a specialist to have a look.

Keep these suggestions handy for a rainy day if you recently switched to cordless blinds. When those blinds stop closing, you’ll be relieved to have an immediate fix!

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