Is Stickley furniture worth it?

Is Stickley furniture worth it

Is Stickley furniture worth it?

Some brands still uphold traditional product and manufacturing methods and create heirloom-caliber furniture. Stickley Furniture is one of these businesses.

After reading this article, you will be familiar with Stickley. Also, you will learn the reasons behind its reputation for excellence and heritage appeal. Discover more about Stickley Furniture in the following paragraphs and see why Stickley Furniture is worth it.

Who Is Stickley?

The phrase “to the best of my ability” is the basis for Stickley’s slogan. It dates back to an era of Flemish artisans. Under this guiding principle, Stickley has been producing furniture since 1900. To ensure customers that Stickley’s furniture was of the highest quality and that each piece was crafted with pride, dignity, and integrity, Gustav Stickley inscribed the words on his products.

Some of the most outstanding quality furniture on the market comes from the Stickley furniture brand. A company that places a premium on craftsmanship, quality, and tradition. The following generation will inherit a finely built piece of Stickley furniture that collects beloved memories.

What Characteristics & Advantages Does Stickley Offer?

Stickley furniture is available in oak or cherry hardwoods with five to seven stains. The high caliber of the wood used in the construction of Stickley furniture shows itself.

The brand carefully chooses each piece of hardwood used in the production of tables, sofas, buffets, and other items to help produce the ideal number of furnishings that will complement your home and the home of the following generation.

Stickley constructs every piece from quartersawn wood. Using the quartersawn milling process, they extract as much lumber as possible from the felled tree. The tiger-stripe ray-fleck pattern that quartersawn wood produces, which many furniture enthusiasts seek in heirloom-quality furniture, is another benefit of quartersawn wood’s superior environmental performance.

Stickley builds drawers using an antiquated construction system that excludes any mechanical components that could malfunction. In addition, a lot of Stickley furniture includes secret storage spaces.

Stickley furniture is not only heirloom quality but also highly sought after by collectors, and the company annually makes popular limited edition furniture. Although mission-style furniture is the company’s signature design, Stickley also offers more contemporary looks that are nonetheless made with heirloom-quality materials.

What Is Stickley’s Quality Rating?

Stickley is above Good, Better, and Best in the ranking system, one of the distinctive features that set it apart from other brands at the Furniture Fair. You may compare them to “The Rolls-Royce of the furniture business.”

The firm still employs artisans in New York’s upstate and North Carolina to make more than 90% of its products, which are still all produced domestically. Stickley embodies the ancient building techniques crucial to the honesty and integrity of Arts & Crafts furniture.

Is Stickley furniture suitable for your home?

When choosing Stickley furniture for your home, it is essential to consider its suitability. You should be prepared to invest in heirloom-quality furniture because Stickley furniture is a considerable investment.

Anyone looking for furniture that will last for years might consider Stickley pieces. Each Stickley item maintains its quality and worth long after you have paid for it, which makes it a good investment for the future.

This brand is ideal if you enjoy Stickley’s classic arts and crafts design. Stickley has solutions that complement your style. You can improve the appearance of your home, whether you want a traditional or more contemporary one.

Stickley is a great brand to consider if you value the creative worth of furniture. Or you are someone who enjoys discovering the value in antiques. An item made by Stickley will continue to keep its price, and each piece’s craftsmanship is immediately visible.

Stickley is not a good choice if you don’t want to invest in furniture. The brand is, to put it bluntly, pricey. The ability to purchase expensive home furnishings is something that only some possess. Stickley is for folks who are passionate about high-quality furniture design.

Additionally, Stickley is not a good investment if your taste varies with the seasons. Stickley furniture costs a lot of money, so altering it after a few years would not be a wise investment.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Stickley is a perfect option if you have the enthusiasm, the means, and the desire for heritage furniture. But Stickley is only for some. You must determine whether investing in heirloom quality and value appreciation for your home is worthwhile.

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