5 Best Mattress under $2000 – Details Guide

Mattress under $2000

5 Best Mattress under $2000 – Details Guide

Are you tired of sleeping on a low-quality mattress? If so, then it might be time for an upgrade. But while you are at it, why not go for something a bit more expensive?

With a budget of around 2000 dollars, you can be sure that you are investing in a mattress for a lifetime.

You might be thinking that it’s a lot of money. Well, it is. But the comfort you get with it when sleeping or lying down on it in general, more than makes up for the hefty price. And when it comes to your comfort, you really should not put a price on that.

For people looking to buy a mattress for under 2000 dollars, it might not be as simple as going to a shop and asking for the most expensive model available.

There are a couple of elements that you need to check to ensure it gives you the best value. Believe it or not, there are many expensive mattresses out there that are not very comfortable and practical.

In this article, we will give you a quick rundown of some of the top mattresses out there to help maximize the utility you get from your budget. So, without further ado, let us jump in.

Top 5 Mattresses under $2000

Mattress under $2000

Although two thousand dollars is quite a hefty budget for a mattress, you can never be sure when you are making a big investment.

Unless you have been regularly monitoring mattresses online, there is a pretty good chance that you do not know which units are the best of the bunch.

To ensure you make the best possible investment, here are our picks for the high-quality mattress that you can find today.

Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

We will be kicking things off with a superb gel memory foam mattress by the brand Vibe. If you want to kick back and relax after a hard day at work, this unit is one of the finest options out there.

It comes with many modern sleeping technologies that ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Structurally, the unit comes with a thickness of 12 inches. Out of that, the top 2-inches is infused with gel to ensure you get a better contouring and relaxing experience whenever you lie down.

The addition of the gel layer ensures you have better body cooling, thus enhancing your comfort.

To ensure proper stimulation in your pressure points, the unit features a luxurious knit cover with extra-base foam layers.

It features an adjustable base with some wireless remote features, including body massage, zero gravity, and anti-snore settings.

The leg heights of the unit are also adjustable, giving you separate controls for head and foot elevation.

It also comes with a massage timer and features three massage patterns, ensuring the highest levels of comfort.

For those who like to use a smartphone in bed, it also comes with two USB ports for charging your phone batteries.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 inches of thickness
  • Gel-infused memory foam featuring a support base
  • Stretch knit cover
  • Moderate levels of firmness

Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

If you prefer sleeping on soft mattresses, then the Ultimate Gel Memory Foam mattress by the good folks at Classic Brands might be a good choice.

It is a king-sized bed, which at this budget is not that easy to find. So, it is an excellent unit if you like stretching around on your bed or share it with a special one.

Featuring high-quality gel-infused memory foam, this unit promises to give you ultimate contouring and supreme comfort whenever you lie down on it.

The pressure-relieving design of the unit ensures you will have a deep and relaxing sleep with proper stimulation and alignment.

In addition, the unit comes with ventilation in the memory foam to prevent excessive heat building up.

The base foam features a high-density of materials, further enhancing lumber support. If that was not enough, it comes with a wireless remote with three selectable massage patterns to help you relax after a long day.

The unit also allows zero-gravity positions, thanks to its adjustable base. To keep the mattress in place, it comes with retention rails on the sides.

You also get two USB ports built right on the base to charge your smartphone whenever you need it. All in all, it is a super plush mattress for people who want the ultimate sleeping experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Moderate levels of firmness
  • The cool gel-infused memory foam
  • 14 inches of thickness with ventilated memory foam for extra plushness
  • Adjustable elevation and massage patterns
  • Comes with two USB ports and includes two free pillows

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

Here, we will be looking at a hybrid mattress by the brand Lucid. The L300 is an excellent little unit with 10 inches of thickness and a beautifully layered design, promising the best sleeping experience and utmost comfort. It has a medium plush feel for people who do not like their bed to be too firm.

The interesting layering in the bed is one of its best features. It comes with a layer of memory foam on top that is infused with bamboo charcoal and Aloe Vera gel with an assortment of high-quality steel coils.

It also comes with moisture and odor prevention technology, ensuring a fresh sleeping experience.

Its adjustability feature includes independent incline for both head and foot positions. For head incline, you can choose anywhere between 0-60 degrees while for foot, your range is limited from 0 to 45 degrees.

So, you have plenty of flexibility in choosing the proper position that gives you the most comfort.

The total weight capacity of the unit is 750 pounds. It also features USB charging ports on the base conveniently located on each side for you and your sleeping partner.

Overall, the unit is an excellent option for people looking to get a king-sized bed at this price range.

Highlighted Features

  • King-size with 10 inches of thickness
  • Medium plush with medium sink
  • Hybrid mattress with aloe vera and bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam
  • Excellent incline capacity

Sealy Response Premium 16-Inch Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress

Sealy Response Premium 16-Inch Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress

At a budget of two thousand dollars, finding a pillow top mattress is never easy. However, the 2017 model of Response Premium Euro Pillow Top by the brand Sealy sits just under this price range, giving you a chance at experiencing all the superior comfort feature that comes with this type of mattress.

The unit features a total thickness of 16 inches. The top 3 inches comes with an extra soft foam pillow top with the bottom layer featuring a high-quality dual-stage coil system.

This combination ensures you have the perfect balance of support and comfort with the mattress regardless of your sleeping position.

This unit also comes with a DuraFlex edge system enhancing the durability of the mattress edge, thus giving you better edge support.

Its high-density flexible coil also gives you good opposing support while maintaining a plush and soft surface for you to sleep on.

One of the best design elements of the unit is its Posturepedic technology, which essentially delivers better support at the heaviest sections of your body.

The end result is a greater level of comfort, ensuring a good night’s sleep. It is a queen-sized bed, so if you like to move around while sleeping, this is a great choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Queen sized pillow top bed
  • 16-inch thickness
  • Plush feeling with excellent layered design
  • DuraFlex edge and Posturepedic technology

Sealy Hybrid Performance 13.5-Inch Plush Mattress

Sealy Hybrid Performance 13.5-Inch Plush Mattress

Last but not least, we will be looking at another unit by the brand Sealy. This time we are looking at a Hybrid bed from their Performance model, giving you an excellent plush feeling for higher levels of comfort.

The mattress features some excellent sleeping technologies to ensure you get the most relaxing experience.

With a thickness of 13.5 inches, this unit gives the perfect plush sensation. It does not feel firm and caters to all the pressure points of the body, giving you extreme comfort and peace.

It has a layer of memory foam on the top with encased steel coils at the bottom to find the right balance of comfort and lumbar support.

You still get some premium Sealy technologies with the unit despite it being a hybrid mattress. For instance, the DuraFlex coil edge in the unit enhances the model’s durability while giving you an excellent seating experience when you want to sit on the perimeter of the mattress.

In addition, it comes with Posturepedic Technology to provide extra support to the heaviest parts of your body.

With your purchase, you get a DUOCHILL protective cover that features excellent cooling and moisture absorption capacity to keep your body fresh and comfortable.

Highlighted Features

  • 13-inch hybrid mattress
  • Queen-sized mattress
  • Plush feeling with excellent layered design
  • DuraFlex edge and Posturepedic technology

Things to Look for When Buying the Mattress

When you are in the market for a new high-quality mattress, you cannot just pull out all the stops.

To get the most out of your budget, you need to consider aspects such as mattress design, type, thickness, etc. Without fully understanding these factors, you run the risk of ending up with the wrong product.

To ensure you fully understand what you are buying, we will give you a complete rundown of the things that you should consider when buying the top-quality mattress under $2000.

Type of Mattresses

First and foremost, you need to decide which type of mattress you want to buy. Over the years, many different new technologies have found its way into modern mattresses. As a result, there are many different types of mattresses available these days.

Each has its own benefits, and not everyone has the same preference when it comes to the type of mattress they find comfortable.

So, you need to know about the variants before you can decide which one will give you the best experience. We will discuss the four most common types that you can buy within your budget.

Innerspring Mattress

These mattresses are the most common type of mattress for two reasons, they are quite budget-friendly, and for the price, they offer excellent support and comfort.

As the name suggests, innerspring mattresses come with steel spring that compresses when you sit or lie down on it.

The comfort and support of this type of mattress depend on how many spring coils they have. With more coils, you will get better support, which in turn translates to better quality in general.

However, the main issue with this unit is that it can be quite squeaky when you move around on it.

Memory Foam Mattress

Fun fact about this type of mattress is that it was originally invented by NASA for aircraft as a safety cushion.

However, these days memory foam mattresses are a popular choice for many people. When it comes to price, this type of mattress is not absurdly expensive; however, the comfort feature is excellent.

The best thing about this mattress is it creates a sensation of being cradled when you lie down on it.

As a result, it feels extremely snug and cozy. The unit also ensures you have proper alignment of your spine and relieves pressure points when you lie down on your bed.

However, it can trap heat, which might be problematic if you live in a particularly hot and humid region.

Latex Mattress

These mattresses are quite similar when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Similar to memory foam, it contours to your body and ensures proper sleeping positions.However, it does not trap heat as much and is bouncier than traditional memory foam.

If you have to choose between memory foam and latex mattress, it ends up on your personal preference.

Some people prefer the engulfing feeling of memory foam, while some prefer the bounciness of latex.

With latex mattresses, you also have to choose between natural or synthetic latex. Natural latex is generally better but might cost a bit more.

Hybrid Mattress

Lastly, the hybrid mattresses offer a middle ground between innerspring and memory mattresses – bringing you the best of both designs. That is why it has become a popular choice in recent years.

The best thing about this unit is it gives you proper support and bounces, along with the soft feeling that comes with memory foams.

Hybrid mattresses are generally more expensive than both innerspring and memory foam because of its layering.

It essentially comes with two or more layers of memory foam with spring on the bottom. However, at your budget, hybrid mattresses are one of the finest choices.

Apart from these four variants, there are many other types of mattresses available on the market. However, mattresses like waterbeds or pillow tops are a lot more expensive to be a viable choice.

Ideally, these four variants are the ones you will be looking for within a budget of two thousand dollars.


When it comes to the quality of a mattress, the thickness is one of the most important elements.

The thicker the mattress, the more material goes into it, which in turn generally means better quality.

Thicker mattresses also mean that it has more layers, which can give you better comfort and support.

The firmness of the mattress also depends on its thickness. Generally, a mattress that has a thickness of fewer than 12 inches will be moderately firm.

If you prefer to sleep on firm surfaces, then more than 12 inches of thickness should be your choice; if not, something within 10 to 12 inches should give you a comfortable experience.


The size of the mattress is another thing you might want to consider when choosing your mattress.

Consider the size of your bed before deciding on the size of the mattress. If you are sleeping alone, then you might not need a queen-sized mattress. However, some prefer to have more space on the bed.

At the two thousand dollars price point, you might not be able to afford a full king-sized mattress.

Twin-sized mattresses, on the other hand, are generally less expensive. So, if you do decide to go with this size, you can find better quality at a comparable price point.

Sleeping Position Preference

It might sound weird, but your sleeping position also matters when you are choosing a mattress.

Some people prefer sleeping on the side while some may sleep on their stomach or back. The mattress selection changes depending on your sleeping preference.

For instance, if you are someone who sleeps on the side mostly, you will enjoy a memory foam or latex mattress for its contouring capabilities.

For stomach sleepers, on the other hand, a firmer mattress delivers better comfort. So, consider how you sleep before you pick out a mattress from the shop.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Nowadays, sleep trial is an excellent opportunity that many stores offer when selling a mattress.

It gives you the option to try out a mattress with no strings attached so that you can get a proper idea of how it feels in real life.

If you find a unit that you like with a decent period of sleep trials, you can try it out without any risk of wasting your money.

Additionally, it is a good idea to look for any warranties that you might get with your purchase. This ensures that the manufacturers will have your back if something goes wrong with your mattress or you are not happy with it.

Generally, the warranty period of most high-end mattresses at this budget is quite generous.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good budget for a mattress?

There is no definitive answer to this question. These days with so many different sleeping technologies that are available, mattresses can cost quite a lot.

You can find units that cost upwards of five thousand dollars while you can also find decent mattresses under five hundred bucks.

Typically, the more you can spend, the better the quality. However, two thousand dollars is a fair budget, as you can have a decent balance of affordability and quality.

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Are expensive mattresses always more comfortable?

Not necessarily. Just because a mattress is more expensive does not guarantee its comfort to you.

Remember, each person has a different preference when it comes to sleeping position, thickness, and firmness of the mattress.

So, before investing your money, it is important for you to understand your own requirements.

However, an expensive mattress does feature better build quality and more sleeping technologies built into it.

Most importantly, an expensive mattress does come with better support from the manufacturer in terms of warranty and trials.

How to take care of my new mattress?

If you want to protect the quality and integrity of your mattress, you need to take care of it.

Basic maintenance of a mattress is not that hard and can effectively increase its lifespan by a long margin.

First and foremost, you should always use a mattress cover with your mattress to protect it against dust or dirt.

When you spill drinks on your new mattress, it is a good idea to address the issue immediately.

If the spillage dries before you decide to clean it, it might stain your mattress forever. As a general rule, however, it is better not to drink or eat on your bed as it risks getting it dirty.

Final Thoughts

With a budget of two thousand dollars, you can find some pretty good mattresses in the market. However, you need to be smart and understand where to focus your attention.

Our list of the good mattress under $2000 should give you a decent guideline as to which units are worth your money.

We hope you can make the best decision using all the information you gathered from this article.

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