GAF Camelot vs. Camelot II: Which Roofing Shingle Reigns Supreme?

GAF Camelot vs. Camelot II: Which Roofing Shingle Reigns Supreme?


When it comes to choosing roofing shingles for your home, the decision can be as crucial as picking the right crown for a king. In the world of roofing, two names stand out prominently: GAF Camelot and GAF Camelot II. But which one is the true monarch of quality, durability, and style? In this article, we’ll delve into the differences and similarities between these two roofing shingle lines, helping you make an informed choice for your castle.

Understanding the GAF Camelot Series

H1: The GAF Camelot Series Overview

The GAF Camelot series is renowned for its luxury and elegance. These architectural shingles are designed to give your roof a timeless and sophisticated appearance.

H2: Style and Aesthetics

The Camelot series offers a wide range of color and design options, ensuring that your roof complements your home’s overall look.

H2: Durability and Lifespan

These shingles are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and snow. With a durable fiberglass asphalt construction, they can last for decades.

Exploring the GAF Camelot II Series

H1: The GAF Camelot II Series Overview

Camelot II, as the successor to the original Camelot series, comes with enhanced features and improvements.

H2: Style and Aesthetics

Camelot II also offers a variety of colors and designs, but it introduces an enhanced shadow effect, giving your roof a more pronounced and dynamic appearance.

H2: Durability and Lifespan

These shingles inherit the durability of their predecessor and add even more strength. They are designed to resist algae growth and include Dura Grip adhesive seals, ensuring your roof remains secure over time.

A Head-to-Head Comparison

H1: Materials and Construction

  • Camelot: Fiberglass asphalt construction.
  • Camelot II: Enhanced fiberglass asphalt construction with Dura Grip adhesive seals.

H1: Style and Appearance

  • Camelot: Classic elegance.
  • Camelot II: Enhanced shadow effect for added depth.

H1: Warranty

  • Camelot: Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Camelot II: Limited lifetime warranty with Smart Choice® Protection.

Making Your Decision

Choosing between GAF Camelot and Camelot II largely depends on your preferences and budget. If you seek a timeless and elegant look with reliable durability, Camelot is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you want enhanced aesthetics and added peace of mind with Dura Grip adhesive seals, Camelot II might be the right fit.


In the battle of GAF Camelot vs. Camelot II, there is no clear victor. Both series offer exceptional quality, style, and durability. Your decision should be based on your individual needs and the overall aesthetic you desire for your home. Either way, with GAF shingles, your roof will be fit for a king.


Q1: Can I install these shingles myself?

Both Camelot and Camelot II shingles are typically installed by professional roofing contractors to ensure proper installation and warranty coverage.

Q2: Are these shingles eco-friendly?

Yes, GAF shingles are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Q3: What is the price difference between Camelot and Camelot II shingles?

The price difference can vary depending on your location and the specific product options you choose. It’s best to obtain quotes from local suppliers for accurate pricing information.

Q4: Do these shingles require special maintenance?

Routine inspections and maintenance are recommended to ensure the longevity of your roofing shingles, regardless of the series you choose. However, they do not require extensive upkeep.

Q5: Can I get samples of both shingles to see how they look on my roof?

Yes, GAF provides samples of both Camelot and Camelot II shingles so you can see how they will look on your roof before making a final decision.

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